Movie Reviews #7: Puss In Boots


This movie is a prologue to the much acclaimed Shrek series, but the focus this time is on the origins of the character Puss in Boots. Puss was childhood friends with the (in)famous Humpty Dumpty, and they grew up together in a small orphanage in San Ricardo. Humpty has always been an adventurer and dreams of finding magic beans to get to the magical castle in the clouds to find the golden goose. Puss started out rather shy and reserved, but soon warms up to the outgoing and chatty Humpty. The 2 make a pact to complete their adventurous mission together, but Puss soon gets sick of Humpty’s dirty ways. In a bid to keep Puss by his side , Humpty tricks Puss into becoming his accomplice in a bank robbery. Puss is wanted, and begins leading an outlawed life.

On one occasion, Puss hears about news of the magic beans. Apparently, they’re now in possession of a murderous couple, Jack and Jill. Puss decides to take this chance to get the beans and clear his name. However, his plans are thwarted by another cat thief, Kitty Softpaws. It turns out that Kitty is Humpty’s new partner in crime. Humpty convinces Puss to join him in his quest for the magic beans. The trio succeed in snatching the beans from Jack and Jill and ultimately gain access to the castle in sky and kidnaps the golden goose.

However, Puss soon discovers that all this is Humpty’s plot for revenge against Puss for leaving him behind to get caught and thrown in San Ricardo prison. Meanwhile, the golden goose’s mother comes in search for her child, and pledges to wreck havoc in the town of San Ricardo. In the end, Puss saves the day, returning the golden goose to her mother and peace back to San Ricardo.

 My Thots

If you’re familiar with fairy tale stories like Jack and the Beanstalk, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, etc, this movie is going to change the way you look at these stories and characters. I’m not sure if I really like Humpty as a baddie, but I sure enjoy Puss as a hero. I must admit, not everyone will enjoy this movie, but if you’re a cat-lover (like me) you’ll definitely love this! My favorite scene in the movie was Puss challenging Kitty Softpaws to a dance fight in the Glitter Box pub. Cats, cats and more cats! That’s my kind of movie! Me-ow!

I also loved watching Puss the kitten, shy and reserved, yet curious and brave when necessary. His entrance into the orphanage sent the entire cinema audience going “Awwwww…”. Baby Puss is simple irresistible!

Overall, this is a movie I’ll recommend, although I probably would not let young children (12 and below) watch this. Meanwhile, I’ll be anticipating this movie’s release on DVD.


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