Thanks & Apologies

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I’ll like to say a big THANK YOU to Leo Severino for dropping me a note of thanks for mentioning and recommending his old podcast in one of my previous posts. For the uninitiated, Leo is the producer of the beautiful film, Bella. It really made my day, Leo! :-)

I’ll also like to say sorry for being on hiatus for so long. Work has really been piling up as we’re starting on a new project and our team is pretty short-handed. It’s also the year-end peak season for program updates, enquiries, bugs, etc. So there’s hardly any chances to prepare a decently-length post.

Please be assured that I will be back. I may not be doing a “full-length” post anytime soon, but I will try to find time for it. Meanwhile, I’ll try to drop a couple of short posts to let y’all know that I’m still pretty much alive and kicking. 😉