25 Random Things About Me

OK.. I’ve been tagged by a handful of friends on Facebook to write this, so here goes..

  1. I *LURVE* cats! My friends will tell you that I’m crazy over them. I’ll go ga-ga over anything and everything that resembles a cat, or has a picture of a cat on it.
  2. Despite my fondness for felines, I’ve never had a pet cat. Nor a pet dog. Nor a pet hamster. In short, I’ve never had a furry pet. However, I did have 2 pet terrapins when I was about 10, but things did not end well. One of my terrapins fell into the toilet bowl and got flushed away. My mom made me give the other one away.
  3. I’m Singaporean by nationality, Chinese by ethnicity, and Hakka (or Khek) by dialect. Chinese (Mandarin) is my mother tongue, though I was taught English as a first language. I never got to learning the Khek dialect because we do not speak it at home. However, I’m fluent in the Cantonese dialect, thanks to years of watching Hong Kong dramas. So I’m often mistaken as a Cantonese.
  4. Even though I majored in Computer Science back in my polytechnic days, and have been working in the IT line ever since, I’ve never owned a computer until 2 years ago, when I finally bought my first laptop.
  5. I studied Japanese for 3 semesters in polytechnic as an elective. I can converse in simple, beginner level Japanese, though my vocabulary is still somewhat limited. I can read hiragana and katakana with relative ease. Since kanji characters are essentially Chinese characters, I can roughly guess the meaning of the word even though I may not know how to pronounce them.
  6. I’m currently a BIG fan of Korean dramas, and have a huge collection of DVDs of the genre at home. Korean dramas have also piqued my interest in Korean culture, particular Korean food and the Korean language.
  7. I *hate* bell peppers (a.k.a capsicum), particularly green ones.
  8. I also dislike mustard greens, unless they’re pickled.
  9. I *love* potatoes! Fried, baked, mashed, or boiled. Anyway you cook it, I’ll eat it! Other tubers (sweet potatoes, yam, tapioca, etc) are welcomed too!
  10. I can’t swim. I joined a swimming class once, but I gave up when our instructor wanted to teach us how to jump off the diving board.
  11. I have acrophobia, that means I’m afraid of heights. I don’t necessarily get into a panic attack, but I do get a little nervous and uneasy when I’m standing in a high place. It was worse when I was younger, when I’d rather walk further down the street to cross at the traffic lights just to avoid crossing the overhead bridge. Nowadays, I can cross the bridge without too much trouble, as long as I keep away from the edges and don’t see the cars passing underneath me. I was even able to ride the cable car and take the Skyride (a type of chairlift) when I was at Sentosa with the bf a couple of years ago. The chief principle is to avoid looking at the things that are moving around beneath you.
  12. I have an innate fear of falling down. This has hampered my attempts of learning to cycle, skate, roller-blade, etc. This probably also explains my fear of heights too. I used to have nightmares of falling off high buildings or from a long flight of stairs.
  13. I used to have a fear of the dark when I was younger, which probably evolved from a fear of the unknown. I remember singing “Amazing Grace” to calm my nerves, when visiting the washroom in the middle of the night.
  14. I’m a sensitive person, literally. I have a sensitive nose as well as sensitive skin. Dust, mold and huge temperature changes will send my nose running for hours on end.
  15. I love cheese, but I don’t like cheesecake.
  16. I like coffee with milk, lots of it! But I will *not* touch a cup of tea that has even a drop of milk in it.
  17. I have a palate that leans more towards the savory rather than sweet. So I’m more likely to fall prey to potato chips than to ice cream.
  18. Generally speaking, chocolates do not tempt me. But I do have a soft spot for brownies. I like my chocs dark and bitter, preferably infused with rum.
  19. I cannot tolerate animals with more than 4 legs, i.e. insects and spiders. They give me the creeps.
  20. I have a habit of talking to myself. Verbalizing my thoughts makes it easier to straighten them out. This probably stemmed from growing up as the only child. As I grew older, I learned to be more discreet to avoid queer looks from passers-by.
  21. I used to be a fan of Madonna, Rick Astley, Debbie Gibson and Banarama. 😯
  22. Nowadays, I prefer oldies like Carpenters, Abba and Bee Gees.
  23. I think guys wearing hairbands are just plain *WRONG*.
  24. My maxillary canine are still my baby teeth. I think this is hereditary as my dad lost his last baby tooth at the age of 55. I’m aiming to break my dad’s record.
  25. My Chinese name is 绍慧 (pronounced as shao hui), which literally mean “introducing wisdom“.

There! I hope you find all these interesting :nerd:

4 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Me

  1. Hi Shao Hui, I found my way to your blog all the way around the world from USA – Patrick Madrids blog. I am a Catholic from Singapore. I am very glad and heartened you are on this journey. I will keep you in prayers. May the Lord keep your mind and heart open and guide you to the fullness of His truth!

  2. Hi Terrence! It’s great to hear from a fellow Singaporean from the other side of the globe. Thanks for your prayers! I’ll keep you in my prayers too :)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! Glad you liked what you saw :-)

      Wow! 10 cats! I dare not imagine what it’ll sound like when 10 hungry cats start “singing” for their meal outside you door :-p

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